Experiences and knowledge combined

We are specialists in finding exactly the projects, innovative companies, personalities or interesting initiatives that you would like to visit on your study trip. We make it practical – and you can enjoy the experience.

Study tours that provide inspiration and ideas

It requires local knowledge and networking to turn study trips together so that participants get value for their money and an unforgettable experience.

We are specialists in finding out the special companies, researchers, projects or experimental schemes that you would like to visit on your study trip. We have 10 years of experience.

We know where new and groundbreaking architecture is coming up and we know about a lot of interesting initiatives happening in the area, such as:

Energy and environment
Hospitals and hospital buildings
Agriculture and affiliated professions
Integration and multiculturalism


Call us and let us know what kind of trip you would like, and we will assist in the planning of your ultimate study trip.

Professionalism, cosiness and community

On a study trip, the academic content is at the center, and we manage everything in terms of transportation, tickets and planning.

But enjoyment, community and social experiences also help to make the study trip extraordinary.

Perhaps you would like to visit a different restaurant or experience some of the music, theater and dance that can be found in Aarhus? Or maybe you want a common bike tour with a guide and see some of the neighborhoods that you do not otherwise experience as a tourist?

Call us – we know the city and know what’s going on!